Our Menù

Our Starters

Steamed Pike in a sardines, capers, parsely sauce with polenta 10,00
Lake garda Fish balls 9,00

Sweet and sour Lake Garda Sardines 9,00
" The Lake on a plate" 18,00

Prawns with mashed potato and truffle of Lessinia 15,00

Roasted Oktopus with spelt and vegetables 15,00

"Under the Sea" 20,00 p.p.

Fish - Tartare 22,00

and also

Salad with pears, almonds and gorgonzola cheese 9,00


First course

 Home made bigoli pasta with Sardines, fennel cream and crunchy bread 10,00

" Lake Garda Carbonara" ( fish carbonara sauce) 12,00

Tagliolini ( thin egg noodles) with Pike, dry Tomatoes and "taggiasche" olives 12,00

Home made bigoli pasta with shelled sea food 15,00

Gnocchi with Prawns and broccoli 12,00

Tagliolini ( thin egg noodles) with truffle of Lessina and cheese-fondue 13,00
Main Course
From the lake and the Sea

"Lake Garda fish and chips" 17,00

"Lavarello" fillet with vegetables 18,00

Skewered Prawns with bacon

Slice of Tuna in a pistacho crust

if you prefer meat

Beef fillet with truffle of Lessinia 25,00

"Pluma iberica" with sweet and sour vegetables 22,00
 Our Dessert
Chocolate Mousse 7,00
Small cake with Pears and chocolate 7,00
Creme Bruleè 6,00
Mascarpone cream with strawberries 7,00

Creme caramel  coffee 6,00